Welcome to Pennukkara St Thomas Church

The Church is popularly known as Kondoor Palli. Concecrated on September 15th, 1895 by Rev. Kotturethu Joseph Kaseesa. The church was expanded and concecrated on 1912, 1976 and 2016. The Silver jubilee of the Church in 1920, the Golden jubilee in 1945 and the Platinum jubilee in 1970 were celebrated in this Church.

Church Announcements

Worship Timings

Holy Qurbana - Every Sunday - 9:30 AM

Sunday School - Sunday - 7.30 AM
Yuvajana Sakhyam - Sunday - 12.00 AM
Area Prayer - Sunday - 3:00/4:00 PM
Fasting Prayer - Tuesday - 10.30 AM
Parish Mission - Wednesday - 6.30 PM
Sevika Sangham - 1st Saturday - 3.00 PM
Choir Practice - Saturday - 4.30 PM
Senior Citizons - 2nd Wednesday - 10.30 AM


Sunday School

Our Sunday School plays a vital role to train our children and making them to grow in to the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a registered unit in Sunday school Samajam, our Sunday School started to function with a humble beginning.

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Yuvajana Sakhyam

Pennukkara St. Thomas Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam was formed in 1945 and we have been functioning with a vision to encourage Worship, Study, Witness and Service. Yuvajana Sakhyam plays an active part in all church activities

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Sevika Sangham

The Sevika Sanghom activities started in 1945 when the Pennukkara Marthoma Parish was formed. Every Sanghom meetings we have Bible study classes, intercessory prayer and devotional talks under the guidance of the Parish Vicars.

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Parish Choir

The parish choir owes its beginnings to the early days of the establishment of the Pennukkara Marthoma Church, and was established in the year 1945. The choir plays a key role in the regular church services, by leading the worship with chants, hymns and songs.

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Parish Mission

Parish Mission is a unit of Marthoma Voluntary Evangelists Association based in every parish of the Church. The 17th Marthoma, Abraham Marthoma exhorted "Every Marthomaite is a voluntary evangelist" and established Marthoma voluntary evangelist association in 1924.

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Senior Citizons Forum

The senior citizen’s forum is a new chapter to our St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church. This group constitutes of all our members of age group 55 and above. Meetings and special classes are arranged in different part of Church for Senior Citizens.

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Our Church History

Our Church, we believe to, have been founded by Saint Thomas (Mar Thoma), one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ, and known by the name of the Apostle, in the year AD 52, Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar is one of the oldest denominations of Christianity. The Church defines itself as “Apostolic in origin, Universal in nature, Biblical in faith, Evangelical in principle, Ecumenical in outlook, Oriental in worship, Democratic in function, and Episcopal in character. Headquartered at Thiruvalla, Kerala,India, the church has over 1.6 million (approx) followers across the globe.

Families in our Church